The Centre for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning (CITEL) was set up by the Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED) under the leadership of Professor Abayomi Arigbabu following the approval of the Senate on the 23rd of September, 2019. The centre began operations officially on October 2, 2019. The vision of TASUED as the premier university of education in Nigeria is to be a renowned Centre of Excellence with respect to in-depth subject specialization and innovative pedagogical and andragogical skills. As a result, CITEL is prima facie set up to actualise the vision of a Centre of Excellence in quality teaching and learning. CITEL is, therefore, set up as a vehicle to drive increased capacity of teachers and the provision of hands-on activities and innovative approaches to graduates in classrooms and better learning outcomes for students at the basic level.

Vision of CITEL
The vision of CITEL is to be a centre of excellence fostering profound improvement in teaching and learning at all levels of education (primary, secondary, and tertiary) and generate innovative and practical ideas for improved pedagogies and effective learning for all categories of learners.

Mission of CITEL
The main mission of the centre is to help actualise TASUED mission which is to enhance the quality of teaching and learning and continuously update the methods and skills of knowledge providers by equipping them with modern technology and services delivered by skilled and motivated members of staff to meet the contemporary and future needs of Nigeria with the capability to compete globally.

Our Objectives
(a) Promote and support quality pedagogy through the generation of innovative ideas that would enhance teaching and learning at all levels of education.
(b) Build teaching and educational leadership.
(c) Engage in evidence-based, innovative and sustainable research for the development of general and subject-specific pedagogies for improvement in the teaching and learning of all subjects.
(d) Promote sound pedagogical approaches for the development of Mathematics, Science and Technology (MST) education in Nigeria.
(e) Mount special demand-driven pedagogy and andragogy programmes e.g. teaching and learning in Higher Education Programme.
(f) Provide in-service training for practicing educators with a view to enrich their skills with modern pedagogies and developments in their fields and achieve (a) and (c).
(g) Foster professionalism and character development at all levels of teaching education.
(h) Institute local, state and national awards for the best teachers at all levels.
(i) Handle teacher-assessment/promotion examinations.
(j) Use selected schools as demonstration centres for improvement of teaching and learning in Nigeria.
(k) Provide facilities for learning and research with a view to equipping educators with diverse skills in modern pedagogies and profound knowledge of the subject content.
(l) Carry-out field studies of all pedagogical approaches in primary, secondary or tertiary institutions in Nigeria.
(m) Undertake any other activities appropriate for a centre for the improvement of teaching and learning in the contemporary world